Luk Beautifood’s Lip Nourish Lip Balm Review

‘A lipstick so natural you can eat it!’

That is the line I eagerly begin with when telling someone about Lük Beautifood’s Lip Nourish. My first experience with lip balm was in early Primary school when I managed to find myself in ownership of a Watermelon flavoured Bonnebell Lip Smacker. I can remember quite clearly it smelled so delicious, in fact, it smelled good enough to eat… and yes maybe I did try to test out that thought but don’t deny you’ve thought about it too, a quick lick of the lips and your tastebuds get a bit too excited over the hint of strawberry in the lip balm you’ve just applied!

As ‘delicious’ as most of our favourite lip balms smell, we often overlook the fact that majority of popular cosmetics contain a number of nasty, toxic ingredients. While the trend of superfoods and clean eating has made us become more aware to make smarter choices with what we put inside our bodies, most people would not think to reconsider the harmful chemicals and toxic ingredients we put on our bodies through our make-up and cosmetics, particularly our lips. There are debatable claims over the average amount of lipstick women consume in their lifetime, but basically, there is no argument in the fact that it is a substantial amount, substantial amount it’s a large amount of chemicals and harmful ingredients entering your body with each swipe of lipstick!

That’s where Lip Nourish offers a fantastic new offering in cosmetics. Created by food scientist Cindy Luken, Lip Nourish is a 100% natural, Australian made lip balm using real food ingredients. Staying true its perfect choice in name, The product that stays true to its name, there really isn’t a better word to genuinely describe this lip balm than beautifully nourishing. Lip Nourish contains natural substitutes for many of the usual ingredients in lip balms and lipsticks such as the use of sesame seed oil, avocado oil, honeycomb and spices.

I tried two variations, ‘Lemon and Mint’ and ‘Orange and Juniper’. They say old habits die hard so of course my first instinct led me to remove the twist top to smell the lip balms and I was delighted with the divine, zesty and fruity fragrance. Lip Nourish comes in a number of shades, all which contain a very subtle hint of colour that when applied, create a lovely sheer appearance that is not overly glossy, but provides a very natural gleam.

Lip Nourish Shades

Lip Nourish Shades. Image Via Luk Beautifood.

The texture is soft, creamy and rich but never sticky or too heavy. The product leaves lips well moisturised, but for those who have become used to the feeling a heavy coat of lip balm, you may find yourself frequently re-applying, as Lip Nourish quickly sinks well into the lips, leaving them soft, smooth and velvety.

The packaging needs to be pointed out as a feature in itself because it is absolutely adorable. Reminiscent of the care and nurturing that Cindy has proudly placed in this product’s creation and development, each Lip Nourish is carefully packaged in a colourful, reusable microfiber cloth that unravels to reveal it’s not so secretive, full disclosure ingredients list and an uplifting message from Cindy on recommendations for usage.

Lip Nourish is perfect for soothing your lips with moisturising goodness every day.  The broad range of easy to wear, soft and neutral shades will suit a large spectrum of skin tones, to allow individuals to easily find a perfect shade to accentuate and complement their own natural lip colouring.

Lip Nourish is an effective, natural alternative to your daily lip balm, or a fantastic substitute to lip stick for those that favour nude and neutral lip shades. At the mid-range price point of $24.95, it is a high quality product that can also make for great gift for younger girls being introduced to lip balm, or those that wish to get their eager hands on their first cosmetic product, due to the absence of the chemicals normally found in cosmetics, and the subtle colour and shine. I honestly am a fan of Lip Nourish because of its natural benefits and I loved the way it left my lips feeling well moisturised and velvet like. As a result, Lip Nourish is a product that has quickly cemented itself as a daily essential in my hand bag! Now I’m not encouraging everyone to start chomping on their lip balm like a Twix bar, but I will say that with Lip Nourish, your lips never tasted so good!

Lip Nourish is available to purchase online for $24.95 including free shipping Australia wide via the following link:

For more information, I found this video to provide great insight into Cindy Luken’s  inspiration and development of Lip Nourish:

Disclosure: The products featured in this post were provided to me for consideration but this in no way influenced my review in any way. As always, my reviews are my 100% honest opinion.

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Natio End of Year Warehouse Sale

Natio Warehouse Sale Melbourne

Natio Warehouse Sale Melbourne. Image Via.

The Natio Head Office in Heidelberg West is opening its doors for one last Warehouse Sale for the year this weekend! Open today, Friday 13th and Saturday 14 December from 9am-3pm.

Natio produce a great selection of mineral make-up, nail polishes and gift packs and always feature the best berry shades in their cosmetic collections. I am also a big fan of their illuminators and eye brighteners, not to mention that their men’s skincare range has a loyal following by many Melbourne men!

At the Natio Warehouse Sale you will find a range of current and discontinued Natio skincare, cosmetics, men’s, bath and body products and gift packs all up to 70% off RRP!

Natio Warehouse Sale


13-14th December

110 Dougharty Road, Heidelberg West VIC 3081

Payment by cash, visa, MasterCard and Eftpos.

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